Monday, January 12, 2009

Thirty Five

This week I turn 35 and I have decided to being reflecting on life, what I have accomplished, what I am in the process of accomplishing, and what I still strive to accomplish. A sort of "Bucket List" I suppose....

I think my greatest accomplishment is my son.

He turned 9 in November and is the best thing in life. The love I feel for him I can't even put into words. I am so proud of him, this fall he decided to play football.

We are talking about the red headed kid with glasses. He isn't a small kid but he isn't all that tough either. He is the type of boy that would rather play video games, watch TV, or read if given the choice instead of playing outside, riding a bike, tossing any kind of ball to play catch.

The coaches decided to put him at center. It took weeks of crying and whining.."Mom, I don't want to play football anymore." "Mom, I didn't want to do this, you made me!" "Mom, do I have to go to practice?" After many hours of tears and sweat (lots of it) he was so happy and proud of himself for successfully completing the entire season and winning every game but one.


  1. Congratulations to your son on such a great season! There is just something about Mom's and their little boys....

  2. My son is 11, but very small for his age and LOVES football. I keep trying to suggest other sports, but he won't budge. Your son is so cute. I have a nephew with that gorgeous red hair!! He'll do great - I just know it!

    Take care - Kellan